Understated extravagance would be the best description of a forest fairie… Ultimately, what I want to become.    & featuring my adorable little niece! The Look Kimono: Anthropologie Top: Mango Shorts: Forever21 Shoes:  American Rag Bag: J.Crew Hair Accessories: Zara & Etsy Bracelet: Boutique Ring: Boutique


What better indicators of summer than a large, floppy straw hat and a billowy maxi dress… The Look  Dress: Zara Hat: Nordstrom Clutch: Banana Republic Shoes: Nine West Earrings: Anthropologie Bangle: Coach


An old shoot featuring this gorgeous number — basic cut dress with a subtle metallic wash. The extra bling further mutes the dress, giving an overall, softer nuance, despite the rock-ish elements. The Look  Dress: H&M Shoes: Guess Bracelet: Armani Exchange Bag: Coach


Refresh Button: Woah, new post?! How long has it been? We’ve practically skipped over spring, and dived right into summer. Regardless, this look captures the essence of an easy, breezy, and beautiful (cover girl, anyone? Heh) summer. It’s super casual and flexible, with the basic striped top, and light washed jeans. What really adds the pizzazz […]


Creative Juices: This weekend, we had a quick getaway to Atlantic City, so we decided to go for a shoot around the hotel. We wanted to do something a bit more abstract, but practical at the same time, and experimented  with various camera settings in many locations within the hotel; end result? Lots of amusement, (of […]


Lax Pastime: My posting schedule has been ever-so-slightly falling behind: sorry! Honestly, it is spring break for me at the moment, and I am just enjoying the relaxing days, lazing around a little bit; I haven’t even checked if I have homework or not.. eek! But since there was more time on our hands, we […]


Today, I wanted to do something slightly different, and talk about one of my current fashion reads. Other than magazines, books are also a great resource to find inspiration, trends, or maybe ideas for a new style! Currently, the book “Parisian Chic” by Sophie Garchet has been a favorite of mine. As the title suggests, […]


Free: Midterm week is finally over, and spring break is approaching quickly! There aren’t many plans finalized for spring break yet, but I don’t think there will be much time to see old friends, since most of us have different break schedules. But it is still nice to have a relaxing week to just play […]


TGIF: Thank goodness it’s Friday! This past week has been so hectic, and I am so glad it’s over! There are still two more midterms right around the corner, but at least there’s some room to breathe now since it is the weekend. On another note, this shoot was really fun, maybe because posing is […]


Portal to Italy: Today was extremely windy, so the shoot was quite difficult, with my hair flying all over the place. But nonetheless, it was warmer and relatively sunny… sunny enough for me to bust out my felt hat. The view though, for this shoot, was amazing! I felt like I was being transported back […]


Little Something Extra: Last week, I was talking about a busy week ahead… but this week..! There are so many midterms, homework, essays, and everything piled up; busy, busy, busy. Hopefully, there will still be time to take some pictures and write some posts! But anyways, this time instead of posting an outfit, or some pictures […]


Fab for Indoors: Get it? Haha! But this winter weather really isn’t going away; a snow storm decided to roll into New York, so we stayed in this time. It was a nice break from trudging through the snow and ice, but that didn’t mean we could slack off! The shoot this time especially, was […]


Love: Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone is spending the day with your special someone, and having a wonderful time. But even if you aren’t, the day of love can also be for just anyone you cherish in your life! On a side note, I received a rather adorable email this morning from my father […]


Frozen: Have you seen the movie yet? A must-see! But that’s besides the point…since our little ruffle with spring, it has been getting increasingly chillier and chillier again! Especially near the bridge, for the shoot. Moreover, the snow wasn’t even fluffy; it’s becoming all icy. Meanwhile, although the snow isn’t piling high in DC, it’s […]


Ambiguity: I hope everybody’s week has been great so far; right when we thought spring was around the corner, snow storms decide to take a hit. It has been snowing a lot back in New York, (thankfully after the shoot!) and all my friends there are having snow days and such. Meanwhile, here, in DC, we […]


New Beginnings: Isn’t spring all about turning over a new leaf, starting over… or perhaps the introduction to a new blog? Technically, it isn’t spring yet, but today, we got a little whiff of it! I have always wanted to start my own blog, but I just never did. Lately though, there’s been some nonstop […]


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